With the mandatory date of January 2018, the nation’s guardrail inventory began the move toward MASH mid-splice spacing. What if you could place new, mid-splice holes in existing guardrail without torching, drilling or removing guardrail from the job site?
The Rail Gator is a fast, mobile, durable machine that produces a perfect, 2.5” x ¾” elongated post-mount hole in roadside mounted guardrail. Working easily with Skid Steer and other platforms, the Rail Gator creates elongated, factory-quality holes in seconds. The Rail Gator performs consistently, quickly and repeatedly - for miles.
Rail Gator has arrived and is already making a difference on roadsides around the nation. As future guardrail installations requiring a simple height re-set, our patent pending Rail Gator eliminates most labor-intensive splice-bolt removal, eliminates vast needs for new guardrail and hardware and other guardrail reset expenses.
Our patent pending Rail Gators, along with our skid steer attachement, are designed to save you money, manpower and position you to win the next DOT Project.