Where We Came From

In the mid-1990’s, we began seeing a great need for a trustworthy company to serve the highway safety community by building a secure highway safety hardware surplus market. Today, the overall guardrail contractor community knows us as the most trusted, most involved highway surplus materials steel distributors in the nation. Over the past three decades, we’ve served on non-profit, national industry committees and sub-committees. We remain present and connected to our people. Strengthening our industry by adding value from within is a core value for us: Building Community –Serving with Integrity – Facilitating Prosperity – this is who we are.

Commitment to Our Community

We cut our teeth on bringing solutions to the highway safety community. Another significant missing market bridge became apparent a few years later. ‘Our people’ repeatedly asked us to host the network for the supply and demand for industry specific equipment such as guardrail pounder trucks. Again, we responded to the highway safety community by investing multiplied dollars and hours into crafted websites, groomed lists and systems which now offers our people a new power. We leveraged our connectivity to benefit our community. Sellers can now bring specialized highway safety equipment directly to highly refined markets of active buyers. See: Traffic Circle

The Advent of the Rail Gator

We recognized the rising critical need for our patent pending system, giving our industry the power to efficiently and rapidly upgrade IN-SERVICE guardrail for mid-splice spacing while the guardrail remains in place on the roadside. Once again we delivered what our people needed.

Why Build the Rail Gator

  • We built the Rail Gator to locate the power of guardrail up-fit into the hands of transportation agencies and guardrail contractors. The bid-winning, cost-saving power of the Rail Gator provides a significant expansion of the services which contractors can now provide to these agencies.
  • We built the Rail Gator to save our nation, our states and other taxpayers multiplied millions of dollars. As the Rail Gator becomes fully deployed across the United States roadways, we expect it to empower agencies to slash millions of dead-weight dollars their budget demands.
  • We built the Rail Gator in hopes that so the funds liberated from transportation agency budgets demands will be applied to other much-needed transportation infrastructure needs.
  • We built the Rail Gator as Americans, to meet a growing need in America.
  • We built the Rail Gator because we believe that, (when within compliance), states and transportation agencies should be able to keep their own guardrail on their own roadsides. The Rail Gator affirms the posture of transportation agencies maintaining control of material which they have purchased, installed and managed for years.
  • We built the Rail Gator because we believe in national, state and local fiscal responsibility. The Rail Gator now gives these agencies increasing control over their own fiscal destinies.
  • We built the Rail Gator because we believe we sit in a place of objectivity within within our industry’s story. This gives us a unique position to offer the Rail Gator’s power to address needs across the nation.
  • We built the Rail Gator to empower DOTs to wage an effective war on waste. Although we've been quite pleased with our responsibly record of re-tasking ~100,000,000+ pounds of used highway materials (to date), with the advent of the Rail Gator, DOTs will now KEEP thousands of miles of used highway materials working on our nation’s roadside. This terminates a significant potential waste/scrap stream before it began.

If you’d like to learn more, we invite you to call us. We’re a small company with a big heart for our community. We’re happy to tell you more. We’re happy to place the Rail Gator into your hands, opening doors to save money, increase flexibility and expand service options. We’re happy to stand behind the delivery of a ‘Win-Win’ for contractors, DOTs and highway guardrail owners from coast to coast.

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